JSPM's Bhivrabai Sawant Institute of Technology & Research, Wagholi, Pune

Gate No. 720/2, Nagar Road, Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra 412207
Approved By AICTE, New Delhi, Govt.Of Maharashtra & Affiliated To Savitribai Phule Pune University
Institute is Accredited by National Assessment & Accreditation Council(NAAC), Bengaluru

and Electronics & Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology(IT) are accredited by National Board of Accreditation(NBA), New Delhi

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Research Patents

Patent Details Author/Inventor Year
Sound Source Localization in three Dimensions using Self rotating Asymmetrical positioned and Skew || 202022032481- TEMP/E-1/35186/2020-MUM || Yet to be declared Dr. Yogesh Suresh Angal Filed: 29/07/2020
Sytem to Alarm Fesh water Contaimination based on Intelligent Device with IoT based multicast routing || 201921045885-A dated 12/11/2019 || Dr. Yogesh Suresh Angal Journal No. 03/2020 Govt of India
A System for Optimized Image RestorationTechniques || 201821007283-A/ 27/02/2018 || G06T2207 Dr. Anil Laxman Wanare Published : 11/10/2019 · Patent Journal No. 41/2019 · Issue no.41/2019 · Govt. of India
A Medical Waste Management || E1/48666/2019- MUM/12/11/2019 || Yet to be declared Dr. Anil Laxman Wanare Filed: 12/11/ 2019
Translate Human Language Chatbots Using Artificial intelligence || 202221053932 A Date of filing of Application 21/09/2022 || H04L0012580000, G09B0007040000, H04L0029080000, G06F0009451000, G06N0003000000 Mrs. Meenakshi Annamalai The Patent Office Journal No. 39/2022 Dated 30/09/2022 Govt. of India
Physical Layer Security In Heterogeneous Networks For 5g Communications || .202141059117 A Date of filing of Application :18/12/2021 || H04L0009060000, G06F0021620000, H04L0009320000, H04W0012020000, G11B0027034000 Mr. Tushar Vaman Kafare The Patent Office Journal No. 52/2021 Dated 24/12/2021
Effective Management in Allotment of Vacant Seats on Moving Bus using IoT || .202141060051 A Date of filing of Application :22/12/2021 || :G06K0009000000, G06Q0050260000, G06Q0010060000, G06Q0050300000, G06Q0020400000 Mr. Tushar Vaman Kafare The Patent Office Journal No. 53/2021 Dated 31/12/2021