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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Department Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering


" To emerge as a department of repute compatible to the changing needs of society at large. "

Mission To cultivate creativity and innovativeness in teaching learning process for developing competent professionals.
To equip graduating students with skill sets to meet current and future demands of industry, academia and society through well designed

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From the HOD's Desk

E&TC Graduates find wide opportunities in todays growing communications era.Our mission is to provide world class resurch facilities & global knowlege in synchronization with the latest as well as future trends for nurturing highly professionals engineers witn strong technical skls and impartin an all winning and leading attitude, And vision of our department is emproving students to be professionally competent & social responsible to be leaders of tommorow to help guide our nation towards prosperity & techno echonomin development.

Head, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication

Dr Yogesh Suresh Angal

Professor and H.O.D.(E&TC)
B.E.(Instrumentation ),M.E.(Instrumentation),

Dr Anil Laxman Wanare

B.E.(Electronics),M.E(E&TC)., Ph.D.(Electronics)

Mr. Dilip Sambhaji .Bhosale

Assistant Professor

Mrs Meenakshi Annamalai

Assistant Professor
B.E.(Electronics),M.E.(E&TC)(Ph.D Pursuing)

Mr Vishal Gangadhar Puranik

Assistant Professor
B.E.(Insdustrial Electronics),
M.E.(E&TC)(Ph.D Pursuing)

Mrs Rupali S Rakibe

Assistant Professor

Mr Pranit R Shah

Assistant Professor
B.E.(E&TC),M.E.(E&TC)(Ph.D Pursuing)

Ms Sheetal S Dubal

Assistant Professor

Ms Surekha B Deokar

Assistant Professor

Ms Shweta K Patil

Assistant Professor

Mr Dnyaneshwar D Khairnar

Assistant Professor

Mr Tushar V Kafare

Assistant Professor

Mrs Archana Bapu Sakhare

Assistant Professor

Mrs Sarika P Bagal

Assistant Professor

Ms Trupti Ramdas Chavan

Assistant Professor

Mr Priya D Shimpi

Assistant Professor

Ms Supriya Khalate

Assistant Professor

Ms Prajakta J Katkar

Assistant Professor

Ms Janvi Nagaraj Timalapur

Assistant Professor

Ms Nikhila Mahadeokar

Assistant Professor

Mrs Anita Z Gade

Assistant Professor
B.E.(E&TC), M.E.(E&TC),(Ph.D.Pursuing)

About Laboratories

Student's Achivements

Sr.No. Name Name of the award/ medal
1 Pravin Dumbre 1st prize :Project Competition
2 Rahul Gutal 2st prize :Project Competition
3 Swapnil Dhale 3st prize :Project Competition
4 Prathamesh Hirave Winner, Technical: Project Presentation
5 Dhumal Kishor Winner, Technical: Project Presentation
6 Dhumal Nayan Winner, Technical: Project Presentation
7 Prathamesh Hirave 2ndprize Project Competition (Cynosure 2K17)
8 Dhumal Kishor 3ndprize Project Competition (Cynosure 2K17)
9 Dhumal Nayan 4ndprize Project Competition (Cynosure 2K17)
10 Dhumal Kishor 1stPrize Paper Presentation (2K17 ACCLIVITY)
11 Prathamesh Hirave 2stPrize Paper Presentation (2K17 ACCLIVITY)
12 Dhumal Nayan 3stPrize Paper Presentation (2K17 ACCLIVITY)
13 Dhumal Kishor 2ndprize Virtual Campus Drive (Cynosure 2K17)
14 Satav Snehal 2ndprize Quick Circuit Making (Cynosure 2K17)
15 Pawase Kalyani 3ndprize Quick Circuit Making (Cynosure 2K17)
16 Komal Owal 1stPrize Technical: Project Competition (Cynosure 16)
17 Sabiya Attar 2stPrize Technical: Project Competition (Cynosure 16)
18 Mitali Jagtap 3stPrize Technical: Project Competition (Cynosure 16)
19 Akshada Kadam 3rdprize Project Competition 2016
20 Seema Anarase 3rdprize Project Competition 2017
21 Shital Hirade Best Paper Award, KJ COE Pune
22 Pooja Borkar Best Paper Award, KJ COE Pune
23 Dipali Lokhande Best Paper Award, KJ COE Pune
24 Snehal Abdar 2ndprize Modern COE Pune
25 Aditi Shrivastav 3ndprize Modern COE Pune
26 Snehal Kumbhar 2ndprize Project Competition (Cynosure 14)
27 Poonam alawade 3ndprize Project Competition (Cynosure 14)
28 Nirmitee Sinha 1stPrize Virtual Campus Drive 2014
29 ChhayaPatil 1stPrize Project Competition 2014
30 SayaliGharage 1stPrize Project Competition 2015
31 Sonal Madhave 1stPrize Project Competition 2016
32 Shivani Patel 2ndprize Line Follower Cynosure 2013

Student's Association

Electronics and Telecommunication Students Association(ETSA) Objectives

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Students Association actively organizes and participates in technical activities of the department. Some of the events organized by the association are
Hardware and Software workshops
Arrangement of Guest Lectures
Industry Institute Interaction
Seminar and Projects Competitions
Arrangement Industrial Visits
Paper Presentation and Projects Competitions.
Departmental cultural and occasional functions

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Pratiksha Padwal President
2 Kalyani Pawase Vice President
3 Kajal Ramteke Secretary
4 Snehal Satav Technical Head
5 Amruta Shete Treasurer
6 Mayuri Yadav J Treasurer
7 Surabhi Yadav Campaigning Co-Ordinator
8 Surabhi Yadav Alumni Co-Ordinator
9 Prof. T.V.Kafare Faculty Coordinator ETSA
10 Prof. Meenakshi Annamalai Finance and Accounts Coordinator
11 Prof. R.S.Rakibe Finance and Accounts Coordinator

Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE) Students Forum(ISF) Objectives

1. Improving standard of Engineering Education 2. Counseling the students in the emerging new opportunities 3. Encouraging and motivating the outside Class room studies /Work shops/projects/Seminars 4. Increasing the student base and Corporate membership of IETE

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Dr.Yogesh S. Angal ISF BSIOTR Founder (EC Member/BoS Memebr IETE Pune Centre)
2 Prof. V. G. Puranik ISF Faculty Coordinator
3 Ms. Sneha Kadam Student Coordinator
4 Mr. Dheeraj Papal Technical Head
5 Mr. Syed Nihal Secretary

Contact Us

Head Of Department Moodle Coordinator T & P Coordinator
Dr. Y.S. Angal
Head Of Department
ROOM NO.-302
Prof. R.S.Rakibe
Moodle Coordinator
ROOM NO.-409
Prof. D.D.Khairnar
T & P Coordinator
ROOM NO.-410
Website Coordinator Admission Coordinator
Prof. Meenakshi A
Website Coordinator
ROOM NO.-401
Prof. V.G.Puranik
Admission Coordinator
ROOM NO.-303

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